Terms and Conditions - Rock in Rio 2022 - English version


1.1 The entrance to Rock in Rio Brasil 2022 will be completely digital, and it has to be downloaded and enabled in a compatible smartphone's digital wallet and uploaded for input at the event.
ATTENTION! Prints or printed copies will not be valid, only stored tickets in the digital wallet app.
1.2. To enter the event, the ticket holder must:
a) Follow the instructions of Ingresso.com available at https://www.ingresso.com/hs/rockinrio-ingresso-digital, to download and store the ticket digital wallet (wallet app on iOS, or "Google Wallet" on Android) or Apple Watch.
b) To have an internet connection for the storage and finalization of the ticket. The ticket will be updated to the final version automatically in the digital wallet 07 (seven) days before the day of the event corresponding to the ticket, and it is necessary to connect to the internet for this update. As soon as the update occurs, the carrier will be notified. An internet connection will not be required when entering the event if the ticket is already downloaded and updated in the device's digital wallet.
c) Upon arriving at the event, open the digital wallet app (Apple Wallet or Google Wallet) on the same device where you downloaded the ticket corresponding to the current day. If your smartphone has nfc technology, simply bring it closer to the reader on the turnstile. For mobile phones that do not have nfc ,technology the ticket will be stored in QR Code format, and it can be read simply by placing the screen facing the reader. It is important that the screen's conditions allow the scanner to read the ticket.
ATTENTION! Each digital ticket will only allow a single access to the event. After the first access, retries with the same digital ingress will be denied.
1.3. The digital ticket may be downloaded or transferred from 27/07/2022 on, will be automatically updated in the digital wallet of the carrier 07 (seven) days before the ticket's event, and it is necessary to connect to the internet for this update.
ATTENTION! The digital ticket should be downloaded only to the device used to enter the event. If the buyer is not the person holding the ticket to the event he/she must follow the instructions of Ingresso.com for ticket transfer. For further information on how to transfer your ticket, access here.
1.4. If the holder has tickets for several days of the festival or if he/she is accompanied by someone who cannot have the tickets on his own cell phone, the carrier can save all tickets in he/she own digital wallet for joint entrance. Each ticket downloaded needs to be filled up with the information of the person who will use it to enter the event.
ATTENTION! Everyone using tickets from the same phone must enter the event gates together.
1.5. If you do not have a mobile phone or have a problem accessing the event with yours, you must come to the box office on the day of the event with a photo ID, CPF and purchase data. Additionally, you must present original and current half entry verification documents, if your ticket grants you this benefit.
ATTENTION! Attendance at the box office will only be available on the day corresponding to the ticket.
2.1. Rock in Rio and Ingresso.com are not responsible for purchases made outside the official channels. Don't buy tickets from strangers.
2.2. If the ticket buyer wishes to give a gift to a friend or is not be able to attend the show on the date of the tickets event, that ticket can be transferred from Ingresso.com to another person using the Transfer feature.
2.3. The digital ticket may be transferred from 27/07/2022, following the steps below:
a) Access www.ingresso.com. Enter your account and select the Rock in Rio tab, to view your orders.
b) Choose the ticket and click the Transfer button. Enter and confirm the email address of the ticket's receiver
c) To ensure the safety of the operation, a code will be generated. Send this code to the ticket's receiver.This code will be provided in order to complete the transaction.
d) As soon as the receiver accepts, the transfer is completed.
2.4. In order to receive a ticket transferred by another person, the recipient must have an account at Ingresso.com, and follow these steps:
a) Access www.ingresso.com. Go to your account, or create a new one using the same email address provided by the buyer at the time of transfer;
b) Click the Rock in Rio tab. You will see the ticket sent and can Accept or Refuse;
c) Enter the code informed by the buyer to complete the transaction.
d) Done! The ticket is now in your account and can be downloaded.
ATTENTION! The ticket recipient must have an account at Ingresso.com. If he/she does not have one, you must register at www.ingresso.com using the same email informed by the buyer at the time of transfer.
2.5. The deadline for the ticket recipient to accept the transfer is 24 hours. After this period, if the recipient does not complete the process of accepting the ticket, the ticket will be returned to the buyer.
ATTENTION! It will not be possible to transfer or receive tickets virtually on the date of the event. Any transfer not completed by 23:59 the day before the event will be suspended and returned to the buyer automatically.
2.7. If the buyer/recipient has already downloaded the ticket to his digital wallet, the transfer/return will only be possible through the smartphone where the ticket is downloaded
2.8. Once the recipient of the ticket has completed the process of accepting the transfer, the buyer will no longer be able to use or re-transfer the ticket.
2.9. A ticket that has already been downloaded to the digital wallet and transferred right after will be cancelled from the original buyer's digital wallet and can only be used by to access the event by the new owner.
ATTENTION! As long as the recipient has not completed the acceptance proces of the transfer, the original purchaser may still cancel the transfer, recovering his ticket.
2.10. The recipient of a ticket transferred may return the ticket to the buyer at any time, except on the date of the event, as it will not be possible to transfer or receive tickets virtually on the date of the ticket event. Any transfer not completed by 23:59 the day before the ticket event will be suspended and returned to the buyer automatically.
2.11. The email address provided for transfer must have an active account on Ingresso.com. To complete receipt of a transferred ticket, the ticket recipient will need to enter the code informed by the buyer himself. As long as the recipient has not accepted the ticket , the buyer may cancel the transfer, retrieving his/her ticket.
2.12.It is the ticket buyer 's sole responsibility to inform the transfer code ONLY and SAFELY to the intended transferee.
2.13. The buyer may only transfer one ticket at a time to one recipient. If the recipient refuses the transfer or returns the digital ticket to the buyer, the buyer can make a new transfer, either to the same recipient or to another one , if he so wishes.
3.1. Only the original purchase order buyer in the Ingresso.com may request the cancellation of the purchase within 7 (seven) calendar days,regardless of the date of purchase.
If there are tickets transferred on the order you wish to cancel, you will need to request that the new holder(s) of the ticket(s) returns(s) it before canceling. otherwise, you will need to request cancellation by automated service at Ingresso.com.
Both the buyer and the ticket recipient will receive an email informing them of the cancellation of the ticket, but only the holder (original purchaser) of the purchase order at Ingresso.com will receive the refund of the amount paid. For more information , see item 22 in the Terms and Conditions.

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